This module includes content 和 activities that are designed to develop 和 reinforce all of the SHAPE America Grade-Level Outcomes associated with National 标准的3. In order to address each outcome, it’s important that teachers 和 students utilize the included Fitness Portfolio. The suggested Module Block Plan can be followed exactly or used as a guide for introducing Fitness Portfolio pages in an appropriate sequence. We also recommend blending fitness knowledge concepts throughout the school year. 参与 Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) 和使用 FITNESSGRAM™2015 are strongly recommended.






National St和ards 和 Outcomes Focus for 健身知识
标准的3. Demonstrates the knowledge 和 skills to achieve 和 maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity 和 fitness.

  • 结果E1.3-5.
    • Charts participation in physical activities outside physical education class (3a);
    • Identifies physical activity benefits as a way to become healthier (3b);
    • Analyzes opportunities for participating in physical activity outside physical education class (4);
    • Charts 和 analyzes physical activity outside physical education class for fitness benefits of activities (5).
  • 结果E2.3-5.
    • Engages in the activities of physical education class without teacher prompting (3);
    • Actively engages in the activities of physical education class, both teacher- directed 和 independent (4);
    • Actively engages in all the activities of physical education (5).
  • 结果E3.3-5.
    • Describes the concept of fitness 和 provides examples of physical activity to enhance fitness (3);
    • Identifies the components of health-related fitness (4);
    • Differentiates between skill-related 和 health-related fitness (5).
  • 结果E4.3-5.
    • Recognizes the importance of warm-up & cool-down relative to vigorous physical activity (3);
    • 演示了热身 & cool-down relative to the cardio-respiratory fitness assessment (4);
    • Identifies the need for warm-up & cool-down relative to various physical activities (5).
  • 结果E5.3-5.
    • Demonstrates, with teacher direction, the health-related fitness components (3);
    • Completes fitness assessments (pre- & post -) (4);
    • Identifies areas of needed remediation from personal test 和, 老师帮助, identifies strategies for progress in those areas (4b);
    • Analyzes results of fitness assessment (pre- & post), comparing results to fitness components for good health. (5a);
    • Designs a fitness plan to address ways to use physical activity to enhance fitness (5b).
  • 结果E6.3-5.
    • Identifies foods that are beneficial for pre- 和 post-physical activity (3);
    • Discusses the importance of hydration 和 hydration choices relative to physical activities (4);
    • Analyzes the impact of food choices relative to physical activity, youth sports & 个人健康(5).