The 指令 Resource Center is designed to provide OPEN members with outcomes-based resources focused on 引人入胜的 students in learning with positive communication, effective discussion, instructional flexibility 和 responsiveness. Like all resources, these files are meant to be guiding models that can be edited 和 customized to best meet the needs of your students 和 your teaching environment.

指令 Introduction

OPEN contributors 和 national trainers continue to work hard to provide our members with tools to elevate teacher-student interactions. This resource center has been created to provide tools for instruction that can be customized to best meet the needs of your students.

规划 & 准备 Contributors

Thank you to the following content contributors:

  • 吉姆DeLine, 乔伊菲斯, 亚伦哈特, Lynn Hefele, Br和on Herwick, 尼克•克莱恩, Elyse Loughlin, Shannon Maly, Mike Martinez, Roy Mitchell, Ben Pirillo, Dan Tennessen, Chris Walker

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Cheers for Celebration Overview

You’ve seen our National Trainers perform cheers in workshops 和 conference sessions. Now we’re compiling them all in one place with printable instructions 和 YouTube videos! 为什么? Celebration cheers are culture 和 climate strategies that enhance the learning environment through supportive, 引人入胜的, 和 participatory social engagement. The targeted behavioral outcome is a class of students that regularly express positive social behaviors to their teachers 和 peers.

Cheer for Celebration Volume 1